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At Synergy Solar, LLC, we revolutionized the solar industry by directly connecting manufacturers with consumers. This unique business model has allowed us to eliminate unnecessary overheads, offering you highly competitive pricing on all solar solutions. Since our inception in 2018, we have been committed to providing seamless, full-service solar experiences—from sales and installation to maintenance. Our dedicated team, with over a decade of industry experience, ensures that each project is executed flawlessly. We pride ourselves on being your one-stop shop for all solar needs, making renewable energy accessible and affordable.

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Discover Reliable Solar Services in Dallas – Ft. Worth Metroplex

Dealing with inefficient energy solutions can be frustrating and costly. It often leads to unexpected expenses and the hassle of frequent maintenance. Transitioning to solar power, however, presents a unique set of challenges that can seem daunting at first. At Synergy Solar, LLC in Dallas – Ft. Worth Metroplex, we simplify this transition. We are a turn-key solution company, manufacturing directly to consumers, which cuts overhead costs and offers competitive pricing. With our expert team, we ensure a smooth and worry-free experience, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of solar energy without the stress.

Our comprehensive services include energy audits, financing options, and ongoing maintenance, ensuring that your move to solar power is not only easy but also beneficial in the long term. Trust us to be your partner in making a significant positive impact on your daily energy use and overall budget. Count on us for your solar power system needs including solar sales & installation, solar panel cleaning, hail damage panel replacement, and solar structures.


Excellence in Every Panel

Opt for Synergy Solar to ensure quality and efficiency in solar services. Our offerings include solar panel installation, cleaning, and hail damage replacement. Each service is designed to optimize your solar setup and enhance energy production.

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Solar Sales & Installation

Experience seamless solar panel for sale and installation services designed to maximize efficiency and sustainability. Our full turn-key solutions cover everything from conducting detailed energy audits and reviewing your financials to providing financing options, installation, and maintenance. We are your one-stop shop for accessing clean energy.

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Solar Panel Cleaning

Opt for our solar panel cleaning service to immediately boost the efficiency and output of your solar system. Regular cleaning ensures your panels operate at peak performance, delivering a swift return on investment by enhancing energy production and preventing long-term damage.

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Panel Replacement

Our solar panel replacement service starts with a thorough initial assessment to evaluate the extent of damage caused by hail. We then proceed with precise and efficient panel replacement, ensuring your solar system returns to optimal functionality with minimal downtime.

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Solar Structures

Choose our ground mounted solar panels service for innovative solar structures that optimize space and energy production. We specialize in constructing carports, patios, and pergolas that support solar panels, offering alternatives to traditional roof installations and enhancing the aesthetic and value of your property.

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By choosing Synergy Solar, LLC, you gain access to top-quality solar panels and expert installation. Expect immediate improvements in energy efficiency and cost savings. Contact us to begin your journey to sustainable energy.

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Our Guiding Principles

The Values That Drive Our Success

We adhere to core values that ensure our services are not just effective, but also align with the ethics and responsibilities of the modern world.

Integrity in Every Interaction

We promise transparency and honesty in every customer relationship.

Innovation Through Technology

Continuously advancing our methods and technologies for better solar solutions.

Sustainability as a Standard

Committing to environmentally responsible practices in all our operations.

Customer Focus

Tailoring solutions to meet the unique needs and expectations of each client.

Reaching Every Corner

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Find out how we bring our unmatched expertise to Dallas – Ft. Worth Metroplex, and the surrounding areas.

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Handled all my needs with professional service. Great product and wonderful customer service.

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Vinnie Patel

My experience with Synergy Solar was great. They didn’t really pressure me like other companies and walked me through the entire process. From financing to tax credits. Very professional group. I have solear installed at my business now and it has helped tremendously with utility costs. Great tax benefits as well. The benefits more then offset the cost.

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Clark Reese

Very knowledgeable and courteous. Great product.

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Katie D

Great customer service and were quick to respond to all my questions.

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Clay Carvalho

Extremely knowledgeable team, great customer service experience. They will take the time to answer all of your questions and make sure you get the proper equipment for your specific needs.

Google Reviews


Ana Farrell

Super knowledgeable, knows the market and is quick to reply to questions. Highly recommend!!

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Kyle Parrish

From start to finish, awesome experience! If you want a true customer experience, go with these guys!

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