Texas Solar Energy Program

The Texas Solar Energy Program, or T-SEP for short, is Synergy Solar LLC’s exclusive initiative designed to make solar energy more accessible and affordable for homeowners. This innovative program leverages a unique collaboration with leading manufacturers in the solar sector, who allocate a portion of their marketing budgets to support select partners like Synergy Solar LLC. Instead of these funds benefiting the installer alone, Synergy Solar LLC has committed to passing these savings directly to our customers.

Through the Texas Solar Energy Program, we are not only offering the latest in solar technology but also ensuring that these advancements are within reach for more homeowners. By cutting costs at the installer level and transferring those savings to the end consumer, we are able to provide substantial financial incentives. This approach significantly reduces the overall cost of solar energy systems, making it a more viable option for those looking to transition to
renewable energy.

The Texas Solar Energy Program is a testament to Synergy Solar LLC’s dedication to providing affordable and sustainable solar energy solutions. By partnering with the top tier solar
manufacturers and passing the resulting savings onto our customers, we are making it easier
for homeowners to invest in solar energy, thus growing the energy-efficient community.

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